Strategic and transaction advisory

  • Market forecast and generation valuation. For several companies involved in power marketing and electricity generation, led analyses of energy prices, power plant performance, and generation asset values in North American wholesale energy markets.

  • Ancillary services valuation. For Itochu / Tyr Energy, provided ancillary services market analysis in support of the client’s successful purchase and financing of an existing 350 MW generating facility in PJM. 

  • Generation RFP bidding support. For a generation owner and developer of Mexican generation, led an analysis of CFE RFP bid evaluation methodology and PPA, provided risk assessment and strategic advice for bid development.

  • Generation valuation. Performed commercial and financial due diligence to project the value of several existing fossil-fueled Mexican generating assets in support of the buyer’s financing. 

  • Generation risk assessment and valuation. For the developer of large wind projects in Oaxaca, led an analysis including commercial and financial due diligence, forecast energy and Certified Emission Reduction (CER) revenues, and risk-adjusted valuations of a pre-construction project and a project under construction.

  • Regulatory impact analysis. For various generation and transmission project developers, evaluated the impact of new or potential changes in market rules.

  • Electricity transaction advisory. For Morgan Stanley, Coral, Mirant, and others, reviewed and helped develop structured electricity transactions. 

  • FTR strategy. For several large energy marketers, suppliers, and investors, provided technical and strategic analysis supporting the acquisition of financial transmission congestion rights and generation resources in the Northeast and ERCOT. 

  • LSE power supply strategy. For National Grid, provided strategic economic and technical evaluation of supply options to serve standard offer load. 

  • LSE load serving strategy. For a large New England utility, led a nodal price forecast and a forecast of the client’s expected costs to serve load, as well as the value of FTR auction revenue rights (ARRs) the client could expect to receive. 

  • FTR/TCC valuation. For large energy suppliers, forecasted the value of financial transmission rights (TCCs and FTRs) under various scenarios.

Topic Area

  • Electricity Market Economics and Operation