Economic and societal benefit analyses

  • Economic and environmental benefits of repowering. Led an analysis of the beneficial impacts of repowering a retiring coal plant with combined cycle gas technology. The resulting report, prepared for NRG Energy, documented ratepayer savings, emissions reductions, job creation, and increases in gross regional product.

  • DR cost-benefit. For ISO New England, performed cost-benefit analysis to determine net-benefit demand response price thresholds required by the ISO in compliance with FERC Order 745, as well as thresholds to ensure baseline accuracy.

  • DR price impact and societal benefit. Leading a long-term contract with ISO New England, quantified actual participation in the ISO-NE load response programs, and estimated their impact on locational marginal prices and production cost. Documented findings in filings before the FERC semiannually from 2005 through 2012.

  • Wind economic benefit. For the developer of two offshore wind projects, analyzed the economic benefits of the projects, in support of the company’s regulatory filings.

  • Transmission economic benefit. For New York Regional Interconnect (a HVDC transmission project), led an analysis of the economic impact of the project on electricity prices and the New York State economy; served as an expert witness in the company’s Article VII proceeding before the New York Public Service Commission.

Topic Area

  • Electricity Market Economics and Operation