Demand response

  • For ISO New England, led cost-benefit analysis to determine net-benefit demand response price thresholds required by the ISO in compliance with FERC Order 745, as well as thresholds to ensure baseline accuracy.

  • Leading a long-term contract with ISO New England, quantified actual participation in the ISO-NE load response programs, and estimated their impact on locational marginal prices. Documented findings in filings before the FERC semiannually from 2005 through 2012.

  • For a large energy marketer/supplier considering entering the business, to support the development of its market entry strategy.

  • For ASHRAE, led the development of knowledge based software to enable utilities and their customers develop building control strategies to take advantage of real-time electricity prices and evaluate the impact on the customer’s electricity bill.  Collaborated with Honeywell to enhance software and make commercially available.

Topic Area

  • Clean/Renewable Energy